Biofuels and Bioliquids

Biofuel is liquid fuel made from renewable energy source and added to the fossil fuels for the reducing greenhouse gases from transport. Biofuels are divided to the first and second generations (advance biofuels). First generation biofuels are usually made from crops, by fermentation of sugar and starch (bioethanol is added to the petrol) or by trans-esterification of oils and fats (biodiesel is added to the diesel).

Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute is an authorized organization by the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak republic, controls the activities of verifiers, their working procedures and methods and compliance with the legislations:

  • Act no. 309/2009 Coll. on the promotion of renewable energy sources and high efficiency cogeneration as amended
  • Decree of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic no. 271/2011 Coll., laying down sustainability criteria and targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from fuels, as amended 

SHMI responsibilities:

  • Controlling and evaluating of the data from proof of sustainable of biofuel or bioliquids (PoS) and from other reports
  • Controlling and evaluating of the data from the Report on the greenhouse gas intensity from the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of all fuels and energy supplied
  • Archiving copies of PoS
  • Verifiers supervising
  • Organizing training for verifies and economic operators
  • Decision making in problematic cases in GHG calculations

National system for biofuels and bioliquids is system of procedures to ensure biofuels sustainability. The aim of the system is ensure that only biofuels that meet the law conditions (Act no. 309/2009 Coll. ) can be places on the Slovak market. 

National system is managed by MŽP SR and SHMI with specific competencies and responsibilities. Verifiers and economic operators are part of the system, too. This database contains 90 operators, of which approximately 25 -30 are obliged to send reports on GHG savings and sustainability. All registered operators can be found in the table.     

The system is currently transposed to electronic form. Data entry will be unified and duplication of reporting will be eliminated. 

Advance biofuels are produced from waste unsuitable for use in the food or feed chain, such as biofuels made from processing residue of maize or waste from non - alcoholic beer production. 

In 2021, more than 228 million liters of biofuel were launched on the Slovak market, of which 66 million were bioethanol in petrol and more than 162 million liters. biodiesel in diesel. Oilseed rape had the largest proportion, followed by maize. The controversial palm oil represented 0.02%.

Percentage of raw materials for biodiesel production in 2021

Percentage of raw materials for bioethanol production in 2021

Percentage of raw materials for biodiesel production in 2021