About us

Department of Emissions and Biofuels is a part of the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute responsible for the greenhouse gas and air pollutants emissions and projections inventories and coordinating the National Inventory System in Slovakia.

Reporting of greenhouse gases emissions and air pollutants has been carried out at the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (the SHMU) since the beginning of the 1990s. However, after accessing of Slovakia to the European Union in 2004, these activities have been reached the appropriate legal and professional framework. Implementation of European Law required changes in the level of institutional arrangement in the reporting and data submitting to international organizations. In response to that, individual organization unit – the Department of Emissions and Biofuels (OEaB) was established on 1st January 2017 by a change in the organizational structure of the SHMU. This Department consists of nine emission experts.

So far, the most difficult and the most prestigious test of qualification of our experts was a participation in challenging work within the Presidency of the Slovak Republic to the Council of the European Union in the second half of 2016, during which three our experts participated in prestigious Climate Change Conference in Marrakesh.

In 2017, our team received an award for the most transparent and the best-looking Assessment Report on air pollutant emissions under the CLRTAP.

In 2021, Department of Emissions and Biofuels, as the only organizational unit within the SHMU, obtained a protocol on the implementation of process documentation of compliance with the Code of Practice for European Statistics, which is the basis of the common quality framework of the European Statistical System and can be the only one institution with permission to provide emissions statistics directly to the Eurostat.