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National Emissions Inventory System of the Slovak Republic

8. meeting of CGE (Consultative Group of Experts) for climate change

After more than two years of the pandemic, a regular meeting of the members of the CGE group was held at the German headquarters of the UN Convention on Climate Change in Bonn, of which our colleague Janka Szemesová has been a member since 2020....

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Rabbits in households in Slovakia

The Department of Emissions and Biofuels, together with the AKO Agency, carried out a statistical survey on the breeding of rabbits in households in Slovakia.

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Slovakia prepared its proxy emission inventory of greenhouse gases for 2021

Regulation(EU) 2018/1999 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action, in Article 26(2) requires the member states of the European Union to publish their projected greenhouse gas emissions for...

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What do we use for heating our households, what are we heating in and how are we heating?

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Spring School, „Fit For 55“ packages modelling

Representatives of the OEaB, who deal with emission projections, took part in a working meeting, which was focused on the presentation of methodologies for assessing the impact of various policies, especially on energy and greenhouse gas emissions.

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New SVK Report on Emissions 2022

Our department has prepared a new Report on Emissions 2022 in the Slovak language intended for professional and general public.

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