8. meeting of CGE (Consultative Group of Experts) for climate change

After more than two years of the pandemic, a regular meeting of the members of the CGE group was held at the German headquarters of the UN Convention on Climate Change in Bonn, of which our colleague Janka Szemesová has been a member since 2020. Fundamental issues in the field of reporting information on emissions and climate change in developing countries and possibilities for providing assistance from the UNFCCC Secretariat and developed countries were discussed.

8. meeting of CGE (Consultative Group of Experts) for climate change

The eighth meeting of the CGE follows the agenda prepared in terms of the Workplan for 2022. The part of the meeting was discussion focused on the implementation of individual activities in 2022 and the preparation of a progress report for the chairman of the SBI (one of the advisory bodies UNFCCC).

The following topics were discussed within the agenda:

  • CGE updates technical report on issues, obstacles and experiences in capacity building for developing countries for its progress report for the SBI chair.
  • The CGE considered technical support and assistance matters, including the preparation of regional workshops, webinars, a CGE toolbox on institutional arrangements, and CGE training materials. Regional trainings for experts from developing countries will be held in October in Yerevan (Armenia) for the Asian Group and in December in Bonn for the African Group.
  • CGE agreed to strengthen communication and presentation activities, with using benefits from cooperation with other expert groups and organizations such as UNDP. The aspect of the language barrier has also been taken into account and therefore the events will be held and presented in all UN languages ​​(English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic).
  • The CGE also agreed on a side activity during COP27 in Egypt and an informal forum in December, which will be organized in order to get feedback on the work of the CGE and to present the results on the examples of some developing countries and their reporting within the ETF. The events will be organized by the secretariat.

The next CGE meeting will be in February 2023. We will inform you about important activities and trainings.

Vyspelé krajiny zastupuje aj naša kolegyňa J. Szemesová