In June 2022, the project "Improving the level of national registration of pollution" funded by the Environmental Quality Operational Program was completed. As part of the project, a new information system with a web interface for the public, was released.

The portal for the public was released on June 13, 2022. It is possible to search from the SK-PRTR database using several search functions, or directly browse through the map display of facilities. Data is available from 2007 to 2020, data for 2021 will be published in December 2022.

The new information system also has a web interface for the operators who shall report to new register data on pollutant releases and on off-site transfers pursuant to Act no. 205/2004 Coll.

Data for the reporting year 2022 will be able to report through Portal for the Operators. The operators will be informed about the registration approach until the end of the year 2022.