Participation in the International Conference on Transport emissions

Our Emissions and Biofuels Department presented the results of its work at the prestigious Transport Air Pollution (TAP) 2023 conference.

Participation in the International Conference on Transport emissions

The scientific conference Transport Air Pollution (TAP) was first organized in 1986 in Graz, Austria. The founding countries included Austria, Switzerland, France, the United States, and Greece. Decades of hosting have made the conference a key platform for dialogue among the scientific and professional communities in the fields of transportation, air quality, and emissions, where industry and policymakers also converge to discuss measures in this area. The 25th edition of TAP was hosted by the Swedish Environmental and Research Institute, located in the university town of Gothenburg.

The conference provided an excellent opportunity to present our results in the area of implementing a new methodology for allocating emissions from transport to individual economic activities within national accounts. We presented the results in the form of a poster with a brief presentation and discussion (more in our EUROSTAT Grant project).

Furthermore, we learned about innovations in the measurement and modelling of transport emissions, ongoing research for eco-friendly vehicle configurations and driving, as well as interesting research projects. It is worth noting that research in the field of transportation and its environmental impact is focused in Western and Northern European countries, where the situation is already at a much higher level than in Slovakia or our immediate neighbours.

It will be necessary to intensify the work of the scientific community in Slovakia and raise public awareness to create sufficient pressure on policymakers for decision-making in the development of transportation and mobility in Slovakia.