We have published new emission inventories

The Department of Emission and Biofuels has prepared new reports on emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants for the years 1990-2022.

We have published new emission inventories

Those interested in the emission inventories of the six most important greenhouse gases and 32 air pollutant emissions can find, compare, and download them from our graphical outputs.

On Friday, March 15, we published and reported to the European Commission new inventories of greenhouse gases and air pollutants for the years 1990-2022. Our work also includes reports on greenhouse gas emissions (SVK NIR 2024) and emissions of air pollutants (SVK IIR 2024).

In these reports, you can read about current emission trends of important greenhouse gases as well as air pollutants. The consequences of necessary economic changes related to the energy policies of the European Union can be seen in the historically highest decrease in greenhouse gas emissions in 2022, by 50% compared to the year 1990 and a total decrease of almost 10% compared to the year 2021.

This reduction in emissions was mainly caused by a decrease in the energy sector (10%) and in the industry sector (4%). Total greenhouse gas emissions converted to CO2 equivalents, according to GWP100 from the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report, are 37,052.21 Gg without captures from the LULUCF sector.

The good news from the air pollutant inventory is that Slovakia meets its reduction commitments for the period 2020–2029 for NOx, NMVOC, SOx, NH3, and PM2.5 emissions and does not exceed the levels given for the heavy metals and POPs. Among the main air pollutants, the highest year-over-year decrease occurred in emissions of sulfur compounds (SOx) by 15%, emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) by 14%, and emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 8%. The highest decrease in emissions compared to the year 1990 occurred for sulfur compounds (SOx), which decreased by 91%.

The decrease in emissions of air pollutants is caused by the reductions in emissions in the energy and industry sectors.

However, we still have a problem with decreasing emissions in the transport and agriculture sectors.