Greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutant from Waste.

Projections of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants from the waste management sector are balanced up to 2050. More information on emission projections of from waste in Slovakia.

Projections of emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants from the waste management sector are balanced until 2050.

Since the most important source of greenhouse gas emissions - methane - are landfills, it is important to know the factors influencing emission trends in this category, even from the point of view of further development. After long years of stagnation and an increase in greenhouse gas emissions, there is also a change to be observed here in the next few years towards a gradual reduction of the annual increase in emissions due to a decrease in the amount of landfilled waste. The stricter legislation, which was approved in 2021 with effect from 2022, also contributed to this.

Emissions from the waste sector do not have a significant impact on total emissions. Projected emissions are estimated using a simple methodology.

Projections of emissions for the calculation of the binding reduction target within paragraph 5 (5) of the draft law on climate change were calculated for projections of greenhouse gas emissions from waste. Based on the modeling results, the waste sector has a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 24% by 2030 compared to the reference year 2005. The goal was prepared according to the WEM and WAM scenarios.

Waste in Gg CO₂ eq.

Expressed in GWP from IPCC AR5 as of 03/15/2023

Waste in kilotons

Expressed in kilotons as of 3/15/2023